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Building a Startup Growth Engine

Dan Martell:

When I first moved to San Francisco I spent the first year immersed in startup marketing. I believed that regardless of the company I eventually started, that as long as I understood marketing I would be widely successful.

Man was I wrong.

What I ended up learning the hard way — when building Flowtown — was that you couldn’t market your way out of a bad product.

It turns out that THE MOST important aspect is the product — duh, right?

That being said, my year spent reading every book, attending all of the best events and meeting the world top marketers wasn’t wasted.

I ended up learning a lot about viral loops, marketing tactics and the psychology of a customer’s needs.

Back in the day we called it metrics based marketing. It was a discipline of building out the instrumentation required to be able to accurately asses a customer’s experience and growth opportunities.

Today it’s called Growth Hacking, which I’ll admit has a better ring to it.

What I eventually learned is that when you put it all together, a great marketing strategy + product story + product marketing, you end up building a killer growth engine.

When it works, it’s a beautiful thing to watch.

It actually reminds me of the power of compound interest. Once it “clicks” it just takes off like a fly wheel.

Finding your growth engine is f-ing HARD.

We’ll be discussing growth hacking a lot here on MVPin30, but I wanted to share this post first.


Where Did The Idea for MVPin30 Come From?

I’ve been asked this question quite a bit since I told people my idea for this blog.

And to be honest, the idea has been there for a while, my work building Flybase, and other projects over the last 15 years have taught me important lessons in building rapid MVPs, and how to pivot them until they work.

And thanks to the power of Flybase and other services, we are able to build MVPs quicker than ever before today.

So with that in mind, MVPin30 was born. This could have easily been MVPin10, but I wanted to use a 30 day plan, because sometimes an MVP can take longer than expected as you run into complications.

The projects we’re going to build will be varied, and will be sometimes kooky, but they will always be useful MVPs that you can take and pivot as you want.

So enjoy the adventure that is to be MVPin30.


Hello Out There!

I guess you’re wondering what MVPin30 is all about right?

MVPin30 is a philosophy I like to follow, we can build any type of MVP in 30 days of less, refine it and then decide what to do with it.

This blog will walk you step by step through building a new MVP every month, sometimes even two or three MVPs a month, using technologies such as Node.js, Angular.js, Flybase, Github Pages, you name it, we’ll probably use it.

You’ll learn how to build mini social networks, fitness tracking sites and apps, and other various MVPs I haven’t even thought up just yet.

And best of all, you’ll be able to take all of these MVPs we’ll be building and use for your own purposes.