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5 Ways to Create Your Own “Personal” Startup Accelerator

Have you ever dreamed of getting your company accepted to a startup accelerator? For many founders, getting picked by a top accelerator program feels like the holy grail of early stage entrepreneurship.

Overnight, you and your team are given access to world-class mentorship, tight accountability, educational events, and primetime pitching opps. In short – all things needed to get you to the next level – FAST.

But the popularity of accelerators is a double-edged sword… leading to intense competition between you and your fellow founders.

Acceptance rate hovers around 3-5%.

For the more popular ones (Y Combinator and TechStars) that number is actually closer 1%.

But my message for you today is simple, .

You… and ONLY you, get to dictate the success of your startup.

And if you’re part of the majority of founders who DON’T get picked by a startup accelerator, not only am I going to show you the 5 ways to create your OWN…

… but also why doing so can actually lead to bigger outcomes than the traditional route.


5 Steps to Help Turn Your Passion Into Profit

Kuty Shalev:

5 Steps to Help You Turn Your Passion Into Profit. Imagine yourself at age 70: What will you look back on with pride? What will you wish you had accomplished? Did you follow your dreams? Your passions?

Some say not to mix passion and entrepreneurship, but I respectfully disagree. Money can take you only so far, but integrating your passion with your business provides sustainable motivation and the grit to weather the inevitable ups and downs of entrepreneurial endeavors.

In fact, following your passion has been scientifically proven to make you happier. One study found that “harmonious” passion – an internalization of an interest into a personal identity – leads topsychological well-being and prevents negative, internal conflict. All well and good. But simply enjoying something isn’t always going to pay the rent, and that problem may make the notion of turning passion into profit seem implausible.


Flybase gets a new look

I’ve been busy getting updates to Flybase out, which went live yesterday, as well as a new service that I’ll be demonstrating heavily here as it will vastly increase the ability to create rapid MVPs on this site as well as for everyone else.

Once this new service goes live in the next week or so, I’ll be pushing a new MVP here on the site that uses it, and I think you’ll find this offering incredible.

Without getting into too many details here, Life Dazzled, is our next MVP, a life hacking todo-type app that will push you to fullfill your bucket lists.

This new MVP will be powered by the FIT Stack, and the new service that’s coming out and is meant to help people get what they want in life done now.


Using the FIT Stack with Flybase and Angular to clone getkilo.com

Our latest MVP is a slightly different one, as it’s a clone of another site.

You can read the fairly long tutorial on the Flybase blog, where I go into detail on building the Kilo app.

You can also find the repo here and you can see the demo version of the site here, hosted on Github Pages.


One Growth Hacking Idea a Day

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