Rapid MVP splashpage

One tool we use when building rapid MVPs is a splash page, splash pages are handy to capture email signups and drive traffic to your site while focusing on building your startup app.

“Launching” a startup this way,we can partly validate our idea and value proposition.

To make this quick to set up, we’ve got our splashpage repo which all you have to do is clone the repo, edit some files and upload it.

  1. git clone https://github.com/DataMcFly/splashpage.git
  2. Edit index.html with your site info and your mailchimp URL.
  3. Create a github repo and a branch called gh-pages
  4. Upload the files to the gh-pages branch of your site
  5. Point the DNS of your site to your Github Pages site.

Now when you send visitors to your site, they can read about your project and sign up for more info from the mailing list.