A rapid MVP we’ve built this month is, which is our latest MVPin30, it’s built using the client-side only version of The FIT Stack, so it runs fast and beautiful.

This particular MVPin30 was actually an extreme 30, it was built in less than 30 hours.

This is built as a skeleton that can be built upon, currently it’s similar to taskrabbit and other related services but can be easily expanded to let you set it up in different ways.

Hosting is handled on the ever handy GitHub Pages, and anything in the backend, that’s not handled by Flybase, such as email sending is handled with the Flybase zapier channel, which is currently invite only but will soon be made globally available.

If you want to use the Flybase zapier channel, please send me a request and I’ll send you an invite. :)

Building this site has been interesting, I love setting up sites to use the FIT stack, where Flybase handles the backend, Angular.js acts as the interface and then in this case, we use Zapier for the Thin services that are not handled by Flybase.

Everything worked smoothly for this project, from registering / logging in, posting / editing tasks, bidding on tasks and comments.

Users can sign up, post things to be done, comment on tasks, place offers to do tasks, and just get stuff done.

You can find the repo here. You just have to download, add your Flybase account settings and upload it.

I’m already planning the next iteration for this MVP which will include:

  1. a small blog section
  2. letting people post services for sale
  3. payment handling

Play with the side, expand the code, and build your own MVP pretty easily.