Building UberTok

Our first MVP is UberTok, UberTok was built for easy video chatting between small groups of people. uses a mixture of node.js and javascript along with to establish real-time communications between client and server.

You can play with UberTok here, and you can play with the code here.

UberTok is a little different than our usual MVPs, where we usually use Flybase and Angular.js, simply because we wanted to try it stand alone.

Instead of using Flybase as the backend, and Angular.js as the frontend, the entire system was coded using Node.js and EJS templates. This allowed for rapid development and we were hosting video conferences in a matter of hours.

The total build time for this MVP was 12 hours from idea to finish.

The end goal of UberTok was to provide a simple way for small teams to host video conferences, this was done by hacking a small node.js server to host files and instructions, and then we built the font end.

In the simplest steps, to start a room, you first create it, which assigns a unique random haiku based name as the room name, you can then use the forms on the page to schedule the conference, or invite friends and coworkers to it via email.

When it’s time to start the conference, you just click the link and it begins. One thing we did was let people actually enter any name they like, which helps for branding, etc.

Tools we used were Node.js for the backend, to enable communication between client and server, webrtc for the video conferencing, mandrill for the emailing, and assorted other tools for the rest of the site.

Since this is an MVP, there are already plans for version 2, which will see us convert the site fully over to Flybase and Angular.js to truly fit into the Fit Stack that we use, as well as the ability to lock and claim rooms so others can’t use your room for example, but you can see the first MVP of UberTok working nicely right now.