Building a Startup Growth Engine

Dan Martell:

When I first moved to San Francisco I spent the first year immersed in startup marketing. I believed that regardless of the company I eventually started, that as long as I understood marketing I would be widely successful.

Man was I wrong.

What I ended up learning the hard way — when building Flowtown — was that you couldn’t market your way out of a bad product.

It turns out that THE MOST important aspect is the product — duh, right?

That being said, my year spent reading every book, attending all of the best events and meeting the world top marketers wasn’t wasted.

I ended up learning a lot about viral loops, marketing tactics and the psychology of a customer’s needs.

Back in the day we called it metrics based marketing. It was a discipline of building out the instrumentation required to be able to accurately asses a customer’s experience and growth opportunities.

Today it’s called Growth Hacking, which I’ll admit has a better ring to it.

What I eventually learned is that when you put it all together, a great marketing strategy + product story + product marketing, you end up building a killer growth engine.

When it works, it’s a beautiful thing to watch.

It actually reminds me of the power of compound interest. Once it “clicks” it just takes off like a fly wheel.

Finding your growth engine is f-ing HARD.

We’ll be discussing growth hacking a lot here on MVPin30, but I wanted to share this post first.